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Powder Coating & Blast Finishing

Powder Coating

What type of objects can be powder coated?

You can achieve a beautiful, professional powder coat finish on any metal object–decorative or functional–so long as the metal can conduct electricity. Conductive metals include aluminium, zinc, nickel, brass, iron, steel, lead and stainless steel.

The types of objects we have so far powder coated include metal car parts, alloy wheels, motorbike and bicycle frames, railings, gates, outdoor and indoor furniture frames, sculptures, metal crafts, electrical components, industrial furnishings and electrical components.

What size objects can be powdercoated?

Our oven size is 180cm wide X 160cm high X 300cm deep. Objects for powder coating will therefore need to fall in under these dimensions by approximately 5%-10%.

What condition should objects be in?

Objects should be as clean as possible so as to ensure consistent adherence of the powder. We also offer a cleaning and surface abrasion sevice for the removal of rust and other persistent coatings.

Objects should be bare metal so please ensure that they do not contain any parts (plastic, rubber, wooden, glass etc.) or coatings that are likely to break, burn or disentegrate at under 200 degrees celcius.

Car wheels should have tyres removed.

You can send us an image of your object by WhatsApp to 087 103 8187.

Cleaning & Blast Finishing

Why clean?

To ensure optimal adherence of the powder, an even coat, and ultimately, the best finish, it is normally necessary to undertake some type of cleaning or surface abrasion on an object.

This may involve a simple rubdown of the object with alcohol (in order to eliminate dust or contaminants like oils) through to a more heavy-duty industrial process such as blast finishing.

Blast Finishing

Blast Finishing, usually referred to as sand blasting, involves silica sand or crushed walnut shells, being blasted under high pressure at an object. The goal is to smooth the surfaces of the object and/or to remove rust or some well-adhered existing coating. Wire-brushing or filing might also be required on occasion.

All products are inspected in advance of powder coating to determine the most appropriate cleaning process. No abrasive cleaning will take place without prior discussion with, and approval of, the customer.

Note that you can avail of blast finishing as a service on its own, without powder coating.

A Service For You

Every project we work on is different, and everybody we work with has unique requirements. 

We focus on providing a quality service. This may involve carrying out very specific jobs such as blast finishing and powder coating standard alloy car wheels for mechanics and car enthusiasts …or providing support to designers, innovators and manufacturers in developing new products and in creating professional-looking prototypes.

Our powder coating and blast cleaning facilities are located in the PACE workshops in Santry, Dublin. We have a wealth of technical knowledge, skills and experience in metalworking and joinery that enables us to provide a number of additional services including welding.

Please call us at at 087 103 8187 or email to discuss your project and we will provide you with a quote.

We work with everyone!

Powder Coating is a service that is used by a wide variety of businesses and creative professionals as well as by individual enthusiasts, upcyclers, inventors and makers.

Customers include mechanics and vintage car enthusiasts, bicycle recyclers and motorcyclists, fabricators, industrial designers, architects, model makers, product designers, engineers, sign makers, sculptors and artists.

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We can also arrange for pick-up and return Monday-Friday.
Pick up and return rates will depend on the size of your object.
Please expect a 24-hour turnaround.