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About Us

Our Story

PACE Powder Coating is part of the PACE Social Enterprise whose successful commercial business evolved out of the manufacture and supply of woodwork and metalwork products such as outdoor planters, picnic tables, seating, gates and railings.

With a focus on innovation and product development, and a strong training-led ethos, we saw the value some years ago in investing in a powder coating facility. This would serve both as an in-house resource (particularly in the development of contemporary furnishings) and as a commercial venture to service existing metalwork and fabrication customers. We also saw the potential in the growing number of professions, businesses and individuals seeking to achieve the high quality finishes that powder coating can offer. We are happy to say that this potential was realised and we are very grateful to our new customers!

The prospect of establishing a powder coating service also complemented the skills of our staff. Willing to learn and eager to experiment, many months were spent by our team working with an array of metals, products, processes and paints before formally launching the service.

This has helped us provide the best advice, as well as service, to our customers and to appreciate the learning and experience that comes from each new project, and each new interaction with a customer.

Our skill sets are diverse; we are metalworkers, fabricators, woodworkers, car mechanics, designers, trainers and process managers. We are, however, united as a team, and in our focus on achieving a high quality output and the best powder coat finishes.

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A Social Enterprise

PACE is a social enterprise: we operate our business to meet a social need.

As a social enterprise we provide training, employment and accommodation for people who have experienced the prison or probation system. We work inclusively with people with criminal convictions, supporting them in moving away from offending behaviour and helping them to reintegrate safely into the community.

Our mission is to enhance community wellbeing by reducing reoffending.

All profits we make are reinvested back into the organisation in order to continue to achieve our social mission. We are a business that is also a registered charity. We are a company limited by guarantee as opposed to a company with shareholders.

Partner With Us!

We are always seeking opportunities to partner with organisations and individuals that support our mission. 

You can support us through COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS by purchasing our products and services.

You can support us through COLLABORATION, by partnering with us on projects that help us to learn and to educate, to enhance our visibility and networks, to expand our reach, and to develop our products and processes.

We collaborate with individuals, businesses, community organisations, government organisations and NGOs, educational institutions, independent experts and other social enterprises.

By supporting us, you are helping to provide training, education and employment for people who experience significant difficulty in (re)entering the workforce. You are also helping us in our mission to enhance communities by reducing offending.