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Powder Coating Service

…for mechanics, engineers, upcyclers, inventors, manufacturers, sculptors, makers, artists, producers, product designers, industrial designers, architects, model makers, car enthusiasts, fabricators, sign makers…

Achieve a beautiful finish

…on car parts, alloy wheels, motorbike and bicycle frames, railings, gates, window frames and outdoor furniture, sculptures, metal crafts, ornaments and industrial components, in fact, on any metal object–decorative or functional–that conducts electricity.

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating gives a finish that is harder wearing, more durable and more flexible than that of conventional paint.

The powder coating process provides a uniform appearance on large objects so there is no brush marks or evidence of direction of application.

The process uses powders that do not contain VOCs (i.e. volatile organic compounds that are harmful to health and the environment) or solvents.

A powder coating finish is highly resistant to cracking, chipping, peeling, abrasion and corrosion. It is very resilient against moisture and rust.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating involves a process known as electrostatic spray deposition by which a specialised spray gun emits negatively charged pigmented powder particles onto the positively charged surface of a metal object. The object is then ‘cured’ in an oven where the powder melts to produce a finish that is more durable than conventional paint.

Yellow and black Wagner powder coating gun